Connie L. Williford - Middle Georgia Trial Lawyer

The Law Offices of Connie L. Williford represent clients in Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, Medical Malpractice, and Auto/Truck Accident claims, as well as in Divorce and Family Law matters and in Criminal and DUI cases throughout the entire Central Georgia area.

Personal Service

When you need an attorney, you have real problems, and deserve personal service. Connie Williford helps people like you, people in difficult times—like getting a divorce or facing the criminal justice system—that need a lawyer to listen and find a solution.

We work for you. From the first interview, your problems become our problems. Your questions get honest, thoughtful answers. Further, you get an attorney that always returns your calls—normally within 24 hours.

Aggressively Dedicated to You

Connie Williford will do everything possible to get a positive outcome for you. Her razor-sharp litigation skills, honed through years of experience, give you the best possible representation in court. Because of these skills and the skills Connie learned from extensive mediation training in both general civil mediaiton and in divorce and family law mediation, she also has significant power at the negotiating table when resolving your issue out of court.


You will be faced with challenging emotional problems throughout your case that deserve compassion. For example, a divorce is always much more than just separating two people’s assets—it is a detangling of two people’s lives. Connie Williford will handle your case with understanding and compassion from start to finish.